Cheryl Parker Sobolewski

I suffered with unresolved right ankle pain for several years before seeing Dr. Robert Sussman. The pain started after wearing fins while swimming laps several times a week.

Even after stopping the use of fins, the pain persisted. When I got out of the pool, the pain was so severe, it took several minutes to be able to place my foot flat on the deck and walk to the locker room. I was also beginning to sense my gait had changed - I felt ‘off balance’. Four other practitioners diagnosed the pain was due to arthritis or tendonitis and advised no kicking while swimming and to apply Voltaren 4x/dy. Acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and a cortisone injection in the ankle didn’t bring much relief and Voltaren only provided partial temporary relief.

At my first visit with Dr. Sussman, I stepped into my old orthotics and he said they weren’t helping me at all! In fact, he determined I was very misaligned (~ 1” difference in hip height/leg length) and had extremely tight calves. (No one else ever mentioned)

He offered new orthotics as a solution and stretching for 10mins/dy for tight calves. I began stretching my calves that afternoon and by the next morning, my ankle pain was gone and I didn’t need any medication! Oh my!

While waiting the 3 weeks for my new orthotics to be made, I developed mild lower back, left knee and left hip pain. After picking up and wearing my new orthotics for just the past 11days, all pain has subsided, I’m completely aligned and walking straight again. Think I saw Dr. Sussman in the nick of time!

I recommend, run (or walk fast if you can’t run!) to see Dr. Sussman. He’s caring, smart, listens carefully and took all the time needed to explain his assessment of my issues. I’m so grateful to have found him.

Mitchell Glasser

Dr. Robert and Dr. Joseph Sussman has taken care of all my foot needs including orthotics for wife and kids. The most caring foot Docs in town.

Kayla Joseph

Dr. Robert Sussman and Dr. Joseph Sussman are incredible. Not only have they taken great care of my health, they are lovely to speak with at every appointment. It is a rarity to find doctors that combine knowledge, kindness, and proper bedside manner for patients. The office staff also deserves to be commended for their professionalism and compassion. I highly recommend becoming a patient here!

Stephen Beaudoin

I had two badly ingrown toenails, so I went to see Dr. Sussman. Last time I saw him was about 15 or 20 years ago. He still has the best attitude ever seen from a medical professional. Gotta love this guy! He’s just a happy guy and he shows it. Good for him.

Annie Corrales

Dr. Joseph is the best, he really cares about his pts. Every time I go to see him he takes his time to find what's going on and to find the best treatment to cure my toe nail fungus that I've had for years. I highly recommend him, he is the best podiatrist in NJ and his office staff is very professional.

Tricia Talerico DC MS Nutr

This is a great office, office staff and doctors to go to for anything foot or ankle related! I recently saw Dr. Joseph Sussman for chronic left foot pain. He spent a lot of time explaining the results of my x-rays and exam. He explained how he would treat me and how we would proceed. I immediately felt hopeful that I would have a solution to this problem! Thank you!

Martha Judge

I had chronic plantar fasciitis for 3 years with no relief. Then I went to Dr. Joe. After much discussion, I decided on surgery. Dr. Joe was wonderful! Always took the time to look me in the eye and listen. Three months post op and I’m walking pain free. I highly recommend.

Linda Johnson

As a doctor, Dr. Sussman is very personable and professional. He is always upbeat when you go to his office. And his staff is great

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